Worcester Bosch Boilers Review – Are they the right choice?

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Worcester Bosch
Worcester- Bosch-Boilers

Worcester is considered to be of a high manufacturing standard and is recommended by gas and plumbing installers due to their reliability and build quality.

They’ve also won the Best Buy awards for 4 years in a row, and received a Royal Warrant for supplying their boilers to Sandringham Estate.

Worcester Bosch makes gas, LPG propane and oil type boilers and offers combi, system and regular models.

The ever-popular Combi line of boilers include the Greenstar I & CDi, as well as their compact range (designed to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard). They also offer a ultra-high performance boiler, designed to fill a standard kitchen sink in as little as 19 secs (compared to the more normal 37 – 45 sec models).

All the previous models as gas-based, but Worcester Bosch also has 2 oil based combi boilers suitable for up to large sized houses. The Greenstar Heatslave II can be installed indoors (and is suitable for kitchen installation) and the Greenstar Heatslave II External is designed for outdoor use and have the same features as the inside model.

Moving on to System boilers, Worcester Bosch currently has 7 different boilers, suitable for either gas or oil fuel. System boilers require a hot water storage cylinder, but the heating and system components are built into the boiler, which means it can be installed quicker and easy. System boilers can also work with solar hot water systems for those wanting a greener solution with lower bills.

Lastly, the Regular (often called heat-only, conventional or traditional) range of Worcester Bosch boilers are suited to homes that already have a heating & hot water system. These boilers require a cold water storage tank in the loft, as well as a tank to maintain the water level of your heating system.

This range might be best if you are replacing an existing boiler with an older radiator system as it might struggle to handle the higher water pressure that the combi & system deliver. If your water pressure is low, a regular boiler might also be more suited.

Worcester Bosch are certainly a good choice as a boiler, but there a few things you need to be aware of before purchasing.

Before you buy:

  • Always ensure you get the advice of a qualified engineer before purchasing. They will be able to help you decide which boiler type and capacity is best suited for your own individual circumstances.
  • Even if you’ve already 100% decided on Worcester Bosch, don’t be in a rush to buy from the first place that quotes you. Different dealers charge different prices, even for the same product. Plus, their installation costs will vary from dealer to dealer. Remember, the price of the boiler itself is NOT the only thing you’ll need to pay for. You can see variations of hundreds of pounds, if not more, by the time you add in the extra installation costs.

The best way to make sure you’ve got the right boiler for you at the best price is to compare quotes from dealers with experience in your area.

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